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 Halliwell, Prudence, 28 | Witch | Sophia Bush
28 years old
Police Officer
AGE: 24 Years Old
ACTIVITY: moderate
DISCORD: nyx#6749
prudence halliwell
> 28 > witch > sophia bush
full name > Prudence Melinda Halliwell
prefers > Prue
pronouns > She/Her
gender > Female
age > 28 Years Old
birthday > October 20th, 2007
languages > English, Spanish.
occupation > Police Officer at SFPD
member group > Witch
alignment > Good
family & platonic
parents >
Piper Halliwell, 63, Witch
Leo Wyatt, 112, Whitelighter
sibling(s) >
Wyatt Halliwell, 33, Witchlighter
Christopher Halliwell, 31, Witchlighter
Patricia Halliwell, 27, Witch
Penelope Halliwell, 24, Witch
Warren Halliwell, 22, Witch
children >
Has no children.
other >
Harts, Mitchells, Benjamin Turner.
pets >
sexual orientation > Heterosexual
marital status > Single
current >
previous >
One serious boyfriend through high school and college.
basic powers
Spell Casting: The magical ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
Potion Making: The ability to create and brew potions.
Scrying: The ability to search with a crystal to find a lost object or person.
main powers
Cloaking: The ability to make someone invisible and unable to be detected.
    Invisibility: The ability to become unseen by the naked eye.
Telekinesis: The ability to move objects as well as individuals with the mind.
    Telematerialization: The ability to teleport liquid with the power of your mind.
    Simulating Levitation: The ability to levitate themselves for a short period, though they are unable to achieve sustained hovering.
    Agility: The ability to become inhumanly agile, allowing them to perform incredible feats such as superhuman jumps and leaps without much effort.
    Deviation: The ability to deviate several types of attacks; fire and energy balls, energy beams. Crushing: The ability to create force around an object or power, squashing and neutralizing it as a result.
Technopathy: The rare ability to control and manipulate technology.
future powers
Astral Projection: The ability to project the consciousness into an astral form outside of the body.
other powers
High Resistance: The ability to survive otherwise lethal attacks from physical and magical harm.
Mediumship: The ability to perceive and communicate with spirits.
Power of Three: The ability to enhance their spells, potions and active powers through collective power from the Charmed Ones.
Born as the first girl in the Halliwell family and only a year after the Ultimate Battle, she was named Prudence Melinda when she was born on October 20th in Halliwell Manor. Her first power just so happened to develop while she was in the womb, cloaking which allowed her to avoid being detected up until her mom was over 6 months pregnant with her and also managed to keep her mom from realizing she was in labor. She was then born too quickly for her mom to make it to a hospital, as no one who could orb was around and her mom didn't even realize she was in labor until her water broke.

Not long after her birth it didn't take her parents long to realize they should bind her powers until she was older, as a newborn who could magically hide herself really was not something her parents could handle as any sudden noise that scared her would make her cloak herself. After that things were more normal, which was good for her parents since around when she was 2 years old her parents had another baby girl who they named Patricia. Prue took well to being an older sister, though she didn't really care to play with a newborn who was either crying or sleeping. Then when she was 5, another little girl was born into the family and named Penelope, followed by a baby brother the year after who was named Warren. Now, not only was Prue an older sister but she was a middle child along with Patricia.

She started school around when her brother was born, which was wonderful for her mom as then she had 3 kids in school and 1 in preschool and the youngest 2 she could handle well enough. Prue loved school though, and she easily made friends with anyone she was around. Of course her powers were still bound, but that didn't stop her parents from taking her to Magic School every other school day to learn about magic. It wasn't until she was 8 that her powers were finally unbound, much to Prue's enjoyment. She had to be taught not to abuse the power she had but she had always been a good child so that wasn't really an issue. Once her powers were unbound she started getting more days at Magic School to learn how to use her powers to her advantage as well as finally being able to do spells and make potions. Much like her mother, she was a natural at potion making although her potions tended to have an added kick until they learned she was unknowingly cloaking her potions which tampered with them as she hadn't known what she had been doing.

After that her other powers slowly started developing but Prue was always more focused on her schooling and the friends she made. It was around when she was 12 that she started noticing guys differently, and then she meet Jackson who she developed a crush on. By the time high school had started, dating seemed like something everyone was doing but Prue and Jackson didn't rush into it. They enjoyed being friends and, even though they were attracted to each other, they couldn't imagine putting their friendship at risk for something so stupid. And then when Prue was 16 another guy in their grade was being overly pushy with her, causing Jackson to step in and both to realize they liked each other far more then friends and they couldn't forget that. So they started dating, and before long they were falling in love.

High school passed and graduation signaled the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood, but Prue and Jackson stayed together through it and even into college. Both had managed to get into San Francisco State University and for the first year they were happy with being college students. That changed though when Prue ended up getting involved in a police case on accident. She didn't get hurt or anything, but Jackson was still worried about her as she started to gain an interest in criminal justice and switched her major to that and eventually going to the police academy to become a police officer. After 3 years of dating, their relationship was over and while Prue was heartbroken, she knew she had found her path and continued on in becoming a officer. Since then, she hasn't bothered trying to date again as she is so busy with her work. She has managed to get herself her own home though and is enjoying her life regardless of her lack of a love life. Her impending new duties might put a damper on that though along with the return of her ex into her life.

the player
alias > Nyx
pronouns > She/Her
age > 24 Years Old
timezone > Pacific
contact > Discord - nyx#6749
other characters >
Paxton Hart > 23, witch/cupid.
Olivia Mitchell > 21, witchlighter.
Darryl Morris Jr. > 35, mortal.
Christina Jenkins > 24, witchlighter.
1000 years old
AGE: 24 Years Old
ACTIVITY: moderate
DISCORD: nyx#6749
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