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 The Halliwells
1000 years old
AGE: 24 Years Old
ACTIVITY: moderate
DISCORD: nyx#6749
the halliwells
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Descended from the Warren lineage, the Halliwell family started when Penny Johnson married Alan Halliwell and had their daughter, Patricia Halliwell, who then went on to have the Charmed Ones. They are one of the most powerful families in existence due to Melinda Warren, who was the first witch in their lineage back in the 1960s. Currently the Halliwell sisters have married off and each have children.

piper & leo
Piper and Leo met in 1998, shortly after the sisters unbound their powers and became Charmed. Leo was their whitelighter during those early years until he and Piper got together. Their forbidden romance caused the Elders to clip Leo's wings for a short while but later on Piper and Leo got married in 2001, with the Elders backing off of their relationship. Then in 2003, they had their first son who they named Wyatt (Feb 2003) and later their second son the following year who they named Christopher (Nov 2004). They didn't have any more children until after the Ultimate Battle, in which they then had 3 daughters and another son. Their daughters are Prudence (Oct 2007), Patricia (--- 2009), and Penelope (April 2012), and their last son is Warren (--- 2013). Note; The sisters are the new Charmed Ones, Wyatt is still Twice Blessed, and Chris and Warren are seen as the normal ones magic wise.
piper halliwell
> 63 > witch > holly marie combs
leo wyatt
> 112 > whitelighter > brian krause
wyatt halliwell
> 33 > witchlighter > chris hemsworth
christopher halliwell
> 31 > witchlighter > liam hemsworth
prudence halliwell
> 28 > witch > sophia bush
patricia halliwell
> 27 > witch > laura dreyfuss
penelope halliwell
> 24 > witch > lucy hale
warren halliwell
> 22 > witch > cody christian

phoebe & cole & coop
Phoebe (1975) is the second daughter of Patricia Halliwell and has had 2 serious relationships in her life that have resulted in children. With Cole Turner she got pregnant in 2002 but thought she had lost the baby, however Benjamin was born in December of the same year from a half demon who had been near the ceremony but not in the range of the blast. Phoebe then went on to marry Coop (1764) in 2006 and together they had 4 children; Prudence (February 2007), Parker (April 2009), Peyton (January 2012), and lastly Paxton (May 2013). They are the first set of known witch/cupids.
phoebe hart
> 60 > witch > alyssa milano
coop hart
> 272 > cupid > victor webster
benjamin turner
> 33 > witch/demon > ian somerhalder
prudence hart
> 29 > witch/cupid > nina dobrev
parker hart
> 27 > witch/cupid > phoebe tonkin
peyton hart
> 24 > witch/cupid > caitlin stasey
paxton hart
> 23 > witch/cupid > tyler posey

paige & henry
Paige (1977) is the youngest daughter of Patricia Halliwell and the only daughter of Sam Wilder. She married Henry (1974) in 2006 before the Ultimate Battle. She revealed her magic to him before they got married and he is the only mortal who was brought into the family that they told about their powers. Paige and Henry have 6 children together, however 2 of them are adopted. Their biological children are Tamora and Kat (2007), Samuel (2013), and Olivia (June 2015). Whereas their adopted children are Henry Jr (2008), who Paige orbed into her own womb months before his birth, and Cassandra (2011), who Paige and Henry adopted when she was 4 years old after her mother was killed by her father who tried to take her away.
paige matthews
> 59 > witchlighter > rose mcgowan
henry mitchell
> 62 > mortal > ivan sergei
tamora mitchell
> 29 > witchlighter > jessica stroup
kat mitchell
> 29 > witchlighter > jessica stroup
henry mitchell jr.
> 27 > witch > grant gustin
cassandra mitchell
> 25 > witch/demon > chloe bennet
samuel mitchell
> 23 > witchlighter > dylan o'brien
olivia mitchell
> 21 > witchlighter > danielle campbell
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